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To show you exactly how you can put on real pace, build a strong reliable action, also learn what the coaches aren’t teaching you!

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Fuel your body for optimum performance

pat brown proud to be working with

As a young aspiring cricketer with no clear path into professional cricket, Cricketstrength played a huge part in my development. The combined knowledge of Ross and Steff is second to none in the game from my experience. I’m very lucky to still have Ross as an S&C at Worcestershire CCC, his training methods have been extremely successful in bullet proofing bowlers from injury and working with him more closely has increased my pace substantially whilst still remaining injury free. help I received from Steff for technical work on my action was staggering and really opened my eyes to how much there is to know about fast bowling, he has done wonders for not only my action but my mindset of always wanting to bowl fast. The one thing that really sets these guys apart in my opinion is there continued willingness to learn, you can guarantee year on year the strength programmes and training methods will be different as they learn more about their respective fields. If you are willing to put in the hard yards I am sure that it is impossible to stand still working with Cricketstrength.
I will always be grateful for what Ross and Steff have done for me.

Pat Brown



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About us

Our mission is to help as many cricketers as possible who do not have access to strength and conditioning and specific fast bowling coaching. We want to show how to bowl faster, how to get as strong as you can for a fast bowler and reduce the risk of injury. We are all about cricket fitness, cricket training and physical preparation to help you be the best you possible can be

Bowl faster, be stronger, move better

Ross Dewar has worked in professional cricket as a strength & conditioning coach  since 2000 working with Somerset, Northamptonshire and Worcestershire.

As well as holding a degree in sports & exercise science and his UKSCA accreditation Ross is passionate about self improvement and helping cricketers become the best they can be physically and professionally.

He specialises in sport specific S&C, Movement prep, mobility & recovery as well as nutrition for health and performance.

Contact Ross at

Steffan Jones is the former Somerset, Northamptonshire,

Kent and Derbyshire fast bowler who forged a career out of getting the best out of himself physically

He is currently one of the small number of people in the world who hold an ECB level 3 qualification as well as aUKSCA accreditation in strength & conditioning

He is the leading coach in England on teaching and using heavy ball contrast training for fast bowler development

Steffan also runs the pacelab academy

Contact Steff at


Talking cricket and fitness to current and past players, strength coaches, performance coaches and physios to help you with your game

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