You know when something happens and you shouldn’t laugh but you really cant help it

Like when someone gets hit in the box

Or falls over when trying something flash

Well we had one of those this week

One of the lads came in late for training

Luckily im pretty laid back these days and ask before losing the plot with something like that

Reading the Chimp Paradox helped me with that

It felt like the big fella had been following me around and had got into my head with how scarily accurate that book felt! (Think I’ve got a bit of control over my chimp now!)

Anyway the big fella looked a bit sheepish when I asked him why he was late

Got me a little worried if im honest

Then he opened up

He’d put petrol into his unleaded car

And not just a little bit my friend

No no

He had virtually filled the whole car up

And his car was in the same state as a fast bowler who’d just had to bowl 60 overs in 2 days!

It was going nowhere

It cost him a fair few quid to get it fixed as well

Now obviously I tried not to laugh but really couldn’t help it

He was the sort of lad these things happen too

But putting the wrong fuel in the car and seeing it not go is similar to giving the wrong training program to a player

If you’ve got a naturally springy and quick player, who hasn’t been in the gym much, then these guys have rare, natural ability

Their muscle fascia is working for them and allowing them to express power and speed

So when we are blessed with these type of players we need to harness it

To load the hell out of them can actually make them slower

Its about finding the sweet spot that works for them

Keep them quick and powerful, but look after their CNS, don’t fry it

Or they’ll start moving like the car with wrong fuel

Think differently


P.s. if you need help and understanding about your action and body, and struggle to get answers, then youre the reason we made the Inner Circle

We are there to help and guide you and put you on the right path

Not break down at the side of the road

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