I don’t know if you’re into baseball at all but there are a lot of massively useful cross overs between the 2 sports


Steff has researched it pretty thoroughly and has come up with some many great drills that they do and adapted them to fast bowling training


The hip shoulder separation and ‘donkey kick’ being a couple (which will all be part of his pacelab programs dropping in October)


The batting as well


Julian Wood, the power hitting coach (we did a podcast with him a while back which you can still catch on itunes) spent a lot of time, and still does, over in the states seeing what he can pick up and bring over to cricket, and he is one of the most in demand specialist coaches around at the moment


But what I like are some of the ways they judge performance, and im talking about the big hitters here


I used to hear that they are batting at .25 or they had a great season and were up to .324 or something like that


It drove me mad that I didn’t really know what they were talking about


Then I found out it the number of home runs they go out of 10 times they were on the mound


So if it worked out they were getting 2.5 home runs out of 10 their average was .25, and so on


Now in a sport where you can get pretty crucified in this is where the learning comes in


You don’t have to succeed every time youre up to bat (or bowl)


If youre batting at .3 in baseball youre earning millions of dollars


That means 7 out of 10 times youre failing, and still one of the top players


Lets look at the T20 batsmen, they don’t get big runs every game, its just not possible, but when they come off then wow, look out


So don’t beat yourself up over a bad game


Keep working hard, practising your skills, making sure you are getting your body in the best condition possible and you can still be a success


And we are here to help however you need


In the Inner circle we are some amazing interviews with pro’s who give open and honest feedback about their games


The like of Marcus Trescothick, Martin Guptill, Mark Wood, Nathan Lyon and R Ashwin are all in there, we get the big names just for you


Join the fun here https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/


Think differently






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