You hear a lot of people saying that you cant change your bowling action

Well let me tell you big fella you can

Its not impossible

If you know how to manipulate the body, tap into what it needs to do and the type of bowling action that suits you then its very possible

But you need to attack the body and action as one

Not split them into 2

If you leave one segment out you will struggle to make a real difference

Which is why our online 1 to 1 plan takes care of everything

One of the guys to go through the process is Aman

Take a look at the pictures to see where he started and finished 12 weeks later

Yep just 12 weeks

Here is the process once you join

1- Have an online 1 to 1 with our FMS consultant to discover the dysfunctions you have in your body and a program to get these ironed out.

When that is done it makes it a lot easier to access the changes in action

2- Start to build some useable strength

Don’t get it twisted, strength is important, but building the right way to help your bowling is the key here big fella

3- Bowling specific plan for your action

The cherry on the cake, if we get steps 1 and 2 right then this step is a lot easier, and its where the greatest gains are made in relation to you action

Take all 3 steps and bingo- you have an action that is not only a lot safer, but give you the ability to generate pace, and for longer

Whats not to like there!

Here is a link for you to start the journey to better bowling

But its only for those who want to get better

Think differently


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