A massively common questions this one


Over the last few weeks since we have mentioned releasing a program for young cricketers we have had a mass of questions, mostly from coaches and parents


A lot of the questions are about the safety of weight training for juniors, whether it would do more harm than good


The answer is in exactly what the kids are given. All youngsters will probably be at different levels and so need different programs depending on their needs


And you shouldn’t just give players the same program because they are the same age, they could have massive differences in training background. One could be someone who has trained for a couple of years and have a rugby background whilst the other could have no training or other sport played. These 2 on the same program would cause disaster for one of their developments


Our program will be based on a 3 level progression, from basic to a intermediate who would be ready to go on to full time training


The first level is based on bodyweight movement and awareness, dont worry, we are not going to be loading up someone who has not done any training with a load of weight. Once they get to level 3 then they will be proficient in most movements and have a fantastic base from which to move forward and specialise even more


And the beauty is this can be used with all young cricketers, not just fast bowlers. It is the foundation for creating great athletes which is what we want


As long as we make sure the player is ready to progress each time to the next level then you will have no problems. 


This is going to be a great and valuable tool for all of you who work with young cricketers, and we believe it is so important we are planning on running some Strength Training for Junior cricketers seminar over the winter


We are massively excited for you guys to get this program and start working on it straight away with your players


Think differently




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