Had a question in from Instagram this week

Seems to be a more popular way of getting the questions over to us which is great

He is a young bowlers asking about the consequences of starting off a strength weights program

This is what he asked


Hey Guys

I’m 17 year old fast bowler and I have recently started lifting weights, would having big delts and arms reduce the flexibility in my arm to bowl.

Could I maintain this flexibility while lifting weights?



Great question

We get similar form female players as well worried about too much work in the gym

As ever the answer is it depends

On the program you are doing, your nutrition, rest etc

The program part is massive for this

Get it wrong and it could well impact on mobility and flexibility

If you go to a gym a ask for a strength program you could well be given the same sort of program that someone looking to put muscle on would be

Working in one plane, with a short range of movement and on a machine isn’t gonna help at all with mobility, and could well limit it a lot

But if you go through the proper process, get screened for movement quality, get a program to help fix that, then work out if youre a static or spring athlete then you can get a strength program will be massively beneficial

The way we work our 1-1 plan is exactly like this

And using tri sets you can hit strength movement and power at one time

So a set could look like

B1) EQI press up

B2) Cable thoracic rotations

B3) Medicine shot put

That way we ensure strength as well as movement and specific power

Remember the end goal is always to carry over to your game

If you need this help our brand new full 6 month 1-1 plan is launching at the end of the month

Keep your eyes peeled for it

Think differently


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