Had this question in last week


And it was a curious one as he is almost on the right course


But sometimes its hard to unlearn things


Here is what we got asked




Hi ross


I’m a fast bowler 20 years old. I have been following a 5×5 program to gain strength since late October.


Do you think I should carry on with this and until when.


And what shall I do after I finish with this


Thanks, Saif




Now this wasn’t much to go off so I asked for more details on what he was actually doing




So what im doing is 3 Days a week of actual strength lifting alternating workouts A and B.


A- Squats 3×5

    Bench Press 3×5

    Weighted chin 3×5

    Exercise of your choice


B- Squats 3×5

     Over head press 3×5

     Deadlift 1×5

     Chin up 3×5


With 1 day a week on trunk strength and the other focusing on medball mobility and stability.


Is this ok and when should i change this up and what to?






What I would say is that strength program is very limited


If you were doing that then youd have to be making sure you were moving well to start


Any dysfunction around hips or back and you are setting yourself up for injury


And with big lifts you need to get into them


Going straight into 3 x 5 you haven’t got long to try and hit top weight


And if you aren’t hitting top weight then its not strength work, you are basically wasting your own time


Where is the single limb work as well?


Bowling is a unilateral activity


Just working with a barbell isn’t gonna transfer well to your game


Now its great to be hitting trunk strength and doing some mediball, so there isn’t far to go to change it up to make some positive benefits


As a sample I make structure a session like this


A1) Trap Bar Deadlift 10, 8, 8, 6, 6

A2) Broad jump 2, 2, 2, 2, 2,

A3) Double back foot hop to overhead medi slam


B1) Isometric bench press push 4 x 10 secs

B2) Clap press up (banded if needed) 4×3

C3) Half kneeling weighted bowl 4×2



Surround this with correctives and activation to start and you are beginning to get the base for a good transferble session


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We will take you through everything you need to maximise your potential


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Think differently







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