Quite a few questions coming in lately

And it usually coincides with people suddenly thinking about off season training

Realising that the winter is creeping by and they may not have put a plan into place yet

Which would mean another season of frustration next year


Ryan sent us in this little beaut


Hey Dewsy

I’ve been thinking about whether to join the inner circle or not

Im a student so the 1-1 plan is a bit out of my price range at the moment, but I really want to improve my action

Would the Inner Circle help with this?




Great question

And the answer in short is yes, yes it will

The inner circle isn’t about just throwing all the exercises we come up with at you

Its about putting things into structure which can be easily taken away and used

And not just by players but also by coaches

We put out strength and bowling specific programs, and different versions of them to try and best fit with what you need

And we help you understand what you need with 3 initial videos you watch to start with

One on learning whether you are hip or knee dom

Another looking at understanding your dysfunctions, and the last one about seeing if youre a static or spring athlete

And these are for players and coaches

We have had great success with people following these, not least the lad in the picture, who takes all the info we give and slips it into his own plan to get better

And you can see how much of a difference it has made him

So if you want the same then you can learn more and join through this link https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/

Think differently


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