There was something that went pretty viral on twitter this week

And it was bit harsh to be honest

It was footage from the new European cricket league, and had a lad bowling with an action that lets say is certainly not classical

He is a Romanian called Pavel Florin, who is 40

Now a lot of people have been having digs at him because of his action

Trying to rubbish the new competition

Which for me is crazy as if we all love this game, like we do, then why would we want to be having a go at someone just for playing, and because they look a bit different doing it

Now I did a little bit of further investigation into the big fella

And he is a big fella by the way, a professional bodyguard so im not sure too many of these keyboard warriors would say much to his face

What hit me was more about the body, and how the different motor control patterns are formed

Now Pavel didn’t pick up a cricket ball until he was 32

So it is pretty understandable why his action looks like it does

By 32 the body is well set in its ways

All the movements and dysfunctions are well ingrained

And so when he tried to bowl, which we know is nowhere near natural, it comes out like it does

For me it is nothing about his skill level or anything like that, its just the way his body at this time of life lets him bowl

If he had started at 10 or 11 years old I’m sure it would look completely different

And there would be things he could do now which would be able to help him iron some things out, but it wouldn’t be easy for him

The thing that is great is that he absolutely loves it

He knows its not a ‘pretty’ action but he doesn’t care, he’s having a great time

So it should be celebrated that cricket had a new recruit at 32 and he’s still going at 40

Let’s celebrate anyone who wants to play and get better

Think differently


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