Don’t worry big fella, I’m not gonna start singing


Blurred lines is how we need to start seeing the overall aspects of training


Here is what I mean


At the moment pretty much every different type of training is done in isolation


Lets take someone who gets an injury


They still take the tradition route


So first up youd go to the physio and have them treat you for maybe the first month


Then youd be told to go and work with an S&C to work on ‘strength’


Lastly it would be back to the cricket coach for bowling specific work drills before being back playing


Classic periodisation does the same as well, blocks for different elements


But we need to start being a lot smarter the way we think about training as a whole


Start to think not in terms of rehab, strength, power, hypertrophy etc but of a more bowling specific centric


A little like how I was speaking about the boxing earlier in the week, where the skill is what they are looking to develop, with everything else supporting it


Whereas cricket seems to be trying to develop the S&C side with little thought for the actual thing they are having to do for 6 months a year


This is where the blurred lines need to come in


Each part needs to know what the other is doing


So for example after the fast bowlers profile day we did here at WCCC, the bowling coach, physio and myself set to talk about the findings, look through all the data collected from the experts we had in that day, and set a joint plan for what they all need


All of knew what was going on


The sessions then would encompass bits of things from across all areas


So a complete session would include corrections from a movement dysfunction, conditioning from a physical limitation and a bowling skill specific


We aren’t waiting till march to start just bowling


What we want is maximum transfer


Blur the lines, think outside the norm, and start seeing results


Think differently




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