There can be a hell of a lot of frustration when it comes to trying to change a players technique

Whether it be a pace bowler who is collapsing, or losing their front arm, or legs are crossing

Or a batter who is struggling with movement

Maybe a fielders throwing technique

If what the coach is saying and asking isn’t quite working for the player then it can lead to both sides questioning the other, which is never great

And it can come down to something neither is actually looking at

Which is the players body, how it moves and how it learns

Now this isnt a post having a go at coaches

Not at all

In fact most of the time the things that coaches are trying to get their players to do is spot on with a technique point of view

But my friend

If there is a road block in the path of the players body then all the right words will fall on deaf ears

If a batter is trying to improve their power hitting but can not get their back hip through on contact it could be because they have a hip mobility issue, or core dysfunction

If you’re trying to get a pace bowler to be taller on back foot contact but their kinetic chain function is sub optimal you could be hitting your head against a brick wall

Knowing the body and how it works is so crucial

Which is why taking a multi disciplinary approach is key

Not working in different compartments, but finding solutions together

Its hardly ever just 1 thing

And that’s what we do on the online 1-1 plan

Break the body and action down so we can see what is working and what isnt, and putting in exactly what the player needs

If this sounds interesting then hope on this link

Lets get after it


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