Let me first start by saying I Olympic lift.

I do it because I enjoy doing them and that’s why I train these days.

However did they help me bowl faster when I was at my peak, I don’t think so.

I was always stuck at approximately bodyweight clean and 80% bodyweight snatch.

Yep low numbers.

110kg and 80kg.

I then begun to use power snatch from hang as part of my RAMP warm up and now can’t start a session without them.

Being a @thibarmy neurotype 1, I really need to get AMPED up quickly and hang snatch does the trick.

It serves the purpose of potentiating my CNS for the strength session and nothing more.

I use the same weight every session and simply move the bar as quick as I can.

It also reminds me that power comes from the floor and up the chain.

“I still try and demo some of my drills at my workshops”.

I believe it’s the most explosive of “weight training” exercises but still soooo far away from the speed of fast bowling.

Fast bowling is extension and rotation and Olympic lifting unless caught in a split position is a frontal plane single movement.

No good to me.

I honestly believe a coordination/sequencing/skilled movement slower than the

actual skill of bowling won’t make you faster and the lack of a negative part makes them useless for force absorption.

Faster hips can be achieved with sprinting, standing long jump, various med ball throws and banded extension work as seen in the clip. (watch HERE)

The most high coordinated skill and power movement is fast bowling.

Nothing comes close to it.

So I’m not really keen on adding the stress of learning a new “non transferable” power movement just to tick that box if I’m honest.

I hate the idea of confusing the bowler with teaching them the correct technique.

A mind can do 3 things well, 2 things very well, and 1 thing only really well.

I only want my players mind to be concerned with one technique only and that is of fast bowling.

Olympic movements have to be shown and done correctly or else they are really counterproductive and injury inducing”

Also key to remember anything to do with grip/pulling is highly neurally draining.

I don’t need that when I’m trying to increase their bowling velocity by getting them to bowl!

Assess don’t guess


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