You will have seen a lot of posts with pictures or testimonials of some of our Inner Circle Guys or 1-1 online training players showing how they have improved

And they are awesome to read

But for everyone that has massive success there are those who don’t seem to go anywhere

And there is something which is a pretty common trait of those

They don’t consistently follow the right plan

Because my friend that is pretty much the secret to any success

There is no magic formula

Yes you might see some different types of training videos

Some of Steff’s bowling specific drills are immense

It takes a special coach to come up with new classifications for bowlers, like he has with knee or hip dom, but knowing what you are allows you to know exactly how you train for your type

And then to add the exercises which make each part of the action stronger are fantastic (and my friend work like a charm)

The videos I share aren’t your bog standard fitness ones

There is a lot more to it than squats and deadlifts

Getting movement right and limiting dysfunctions are vital to keeping on top of overall conditioning

Just wanting to jump into drills for a week, then trying others the next week wont get you very far

And this is what the guys who don’t make the improvements do

They dont consistently follow the plan set for them

They normally want to jump straight to the end and get the ball in their hands

When this happens the plan falls apart and doesn’t work

They overthink it instead of following the plan

And when their bowling doesn’t change, or injuries don’t clear up they are suddenly surprised it went wrong

Don’t be that guy

Get a plan, consistently follow it, and get great results

Think differently


p.s. if you want a plan to get your bowling or body better then jump on the 1-1 plan today, take a look here

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