I like simple a lot

Whenever im putting training programs together simple is somewhere near the top of the thinking

But my friend, there is a world of difference between simple and tough

Just because something’s simple doesn’t mean it comes easy, not by a long shot big lad

10 sets of 10 squats (German volume style) sounds pretty simple right?

Try it and see! You probably never want to do it again!!

So for a Strength & Conditioning coach like me I want things to be simple for my players, and you, to understand, so that when you have one of my programs you don’t get so overwhelmed by it that you don’t even start

That’s just crazy

There is no point having a fancy ass looking program if you cant make head nor tail of it

I see a lot of people spending days on a program that no one then understands

Simple is also why I include videos of all exercises, not just pictures

I want to lessen the room for error or misinterpretation as much as possible

If you’ve got any of our programmes in the Inner Circle you will have seen how simple and laid out they are, so you can literally plug it in and play to which ever other program you are currently doing

Ive made them idiot proof

Which isn’t an insult!

Idiot proof is good!

Let me tell you there have been plenty of players in my 20 years so far that I wish I had made idiot proof programs for, it would’ve made life a hell of a lot easier!

If im learning something I want it idiot proof. I want to know everything about so there I can use it (or not) and be totally at ease with it

Its also why our power programmes use medicine balls instead of Olympic lifting

Mediball drills can be picked up in 2 minutes

You can be executing them in no time, and getting an awesome training effect from them

Rather than be trying to learn the specifics of the Olympic lifts and getting nowhere, or worse, getting the actions wrong and getting injured

Which for online clients is ideal

You only have limited time in the gym conditioning yourself, so we want the best ‘bang for you buck’ in there

Which is why we have so much success from our programs

They are about you getting better, not our ego

If you’re not part of the inner circle take a look here

-> https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/ <-

Be smart


p.s. keep your eyes peeled for more details of our brand new 6 month 1-1 plan coming soon that is game changer in the content and also how we deliver it to you

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