Why do I carry my speed gun around with me everywhere?

Bowling velocity is the only true transferable indicator of CNS fatigue, efficiency and effectiveness.

How do you know if you’re peaking, compensating or fatigued without testing bowling velo. How do you measure progress?

We know that lifting poundage doesn’t guarantee transfer of training, we know that vertical jump is an indication of a different force vector to fast bowling, so how do you measure Improvement?

I’m an advocate of sports science, technology and testing as is very clear.

I hate guessing and gambling with the development and performance of fast bowlers. In the age of technology, yes some expensive but not everything, we don’t have to guess anymore. I follow the principles of AUTOREGULATED (AREG).

I follow Dietrich Buchenholz, Inno-sport and Jay Schroeder’s work, which the majority of programmes now seem to include.

This is the principle of VBT train with push gym aware etc.

Don’t dig yourself into a bigger hole.

Stimulate don’t annihilate

💥”Integrate Autoregulatory training principles to the management of your training contents so that you train with unmatched perfection each and every training session. The aim of training is to raise your adaptability rate- which the standard that physiologist use to determine how quickly an athlete can adapt to a training environment. Without a systematic and analytical approach, you are simply guessing

Basic principles.

How to make sure the players are peaking for every season/training session/game.

Focus session with a measurement of drop off rates %

💥RATE- Max velo day Allow 4% drop off only

💥 FORCE- Mix of kg balls Allow 6% drop off only

💥 GLYCOLYTIC- Allow 10% drop off only

Stop session after % hit Bowling max effort top velocity in every training session will limit the ability of the

CNS to recover + supercompensate.


For every 1.5% drop off in ball velo leads to 1 day rest.

CNS is the most important factor in fast bowling not the muscular system.

CNS takes 2-3 times longer to super compensate than the muscular system?

Assess don’t guess


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