Now im not being rude here big fella

This I genuinely coming from the heart

And the key word in that sentence that im gonna focus on, and want you to focus on, is ‘again’

There is something that drives me a little crazy that you see a lot of on Instagram and twitter

Its people with injuries, who tag their sport therapist or physiotherapist in a post saying things like-

“I cant recommend this guy high enough. Ive been coming to him now for 3 years for my shoulder/back/knee pain and he is great”


Lets think about this now

If you have been going to the same clinician for the same injury for more than a year, than im sorry to say there is something very wrong

A stress fracture of the lumbar at most will take 12 months

To rehab a full ACL repair back to playing should take between 8-10 months

So if you are going to see someone with a rotator cuff issue, or calf pain, or pulled hammy and youre still there 2-3 years later, then my friend its fair to say the only benefitting is the pockets of the practitioner

Which is why we only ever want to see you once

Get you in

Get you fixed

Leave you with a plan of action for going forward with

But if you come back it means something has gone wrong

And no one should want that

Now we know, and its well documented that the number 1 factor that plays prelude to getting injured is previous injury

Which is why if you look at the whole body when an injury occurs, instead of just the pain point, then the chances of an injury re occurring can go down considerably

Hence we really don’t want to see you again

But my friend if you are in pain now, and need our help, then we do want to see you

Hit this link now and work 1-1 with us and we can help

Think differently


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