“Your mind can do 3 things well,2 things very well and 1 thing only really well.


I want my quicks mind to be concerned with one whole kinetic sequence only and that is fast bowling. Olympic lifts have to be done correctly or else they are really counterproductive, stress the shoulders and can cause Injury”


I know they are taught in various courses, I’m an accredited UKSCA S+C, so I’m qualified to coach it but to get really effective and efficient at it takes hrs of mastering.


So, spend time and teach them the technique then Steffan?


Actually, I would prefer spending the time coaching them to become better at fast bowling and get them stronger with basic lifts in the gym.


Remember, movement slower than the actual delivery in fast bowling won’t make you faster and the lack of a negative part of an Olympic lift misses out the main muscle contraction in fast bowling.


Bowling fast is all about controlling the shock and the eccentric forces on impact to avoid deformation which will increase the time to complete the sequence- not good!


Faster hips can be achieved with sprinting, standing broad jumps and overhead granny mb throws.


I believe it’s not ideal to synchronize hip extension with an arm pulling and shoulder shrugging motion.


Fast bowling is the opposite pattern.


Also, remember Olympic lifts is about triple extension and coming up onto the balls of the feet.


Well in fact, fast bowling is about timing of rotation & extension and also BFC being on the ball of the feet whilst FFC is on the heel.


The only “Olympic lifting I would use is the split jerk, which is a great movement for the legs mostly.


Anything “dynamic” in nature, like the DE effort day in a Westside conjugate type template is useless to a fast bowler, any kind of weight training cannot make you move faster than actually bowling.


If you need your bowler to be faster, then more light ball bowling are in order and even more heavy ball bowling.


I was given a training programme about 17yrs ago by Tudor Bompa- I wish I stuck to it.


Lift heavy, jump, throw things and bowl weighted balls! No Dynamic lifts like OL.


Think differently



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