The things we love most about Cricket Strength is helping people

Whether it be back from injury

Or helping change their bowling technique

Or both, like our man Ben who we spoke about last week (catch his video here on how he came back from not thinking he would play again to playing against county teams )

However we will not just work with anyone

We have to know, or have a very good indication, that they will put the work into the program in order to get the results they want out of it

And there is an easy way we weed out those who are not serious

They will ask a ridiculous amount of questions

Now we are always happy to answer pretty much every question that comes our way

Then help you by making it into an article or email

Everyones a winner then

But my friend

Red flags go up when very quickly when the same sort of question gets asked more than 5 times

Ans Instagram is full of these people

We had one a couple weeks ago

He had seen the before and afters of some of the guys who had gone through the Online 1-1 plan with massive success

Had natural he wanted a piece of it

He told us his front knee flexed like one of the guys hed seen in the pictures, and wanted to brace

So we said no worries, like you can see in the pictures we can help with that, and follow the link for more on the 1-1 plan (which is here if you want it bud

Then he asked if we looked at his action… Yes we do

How long the programme lasts

If there is gym work

And on and on it went

After the 9th question I had to say to the big fella this really isn’t for you

How did I know?

All the info he was asking was in the link I had sent

If he couldn’t be bothered to open the link and read it, there is no way he’d follow a plan we put in place

Then he had the cheek to send in a video of him bowling!

We lay everything out very simply

The whole process to make it as easy as possible for you to follow, and get results

But we need to know youll be putting the work in every step of the way

Cus we know when then happens the results come

And if you are after those results then this week will be a good time to get yourself involved, as on Monday the price goes up from £99 to £149

If you’re serious about your bowling here is the link

Think differently


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