I mentioned last week about a fantastic podcast I listened to last week

It was with top US S&C Eric Cressey and probably one of the best minds on the spine, Dr Stuart McGill

Now it was so good I’ve already had it on 3 times!

They talk a lot about working with sportsmen who operate in lower back extension and rotation

Baseball pitchers, gymnasts and of course fast bowlers

And it is within these sports we see a high prevalence of stress fractures

The fast bowlers nemesis

McGill talks about how the action within bowling puts the spine under a tremendous amount of pressure

Totally unnatural things to do to the spine

But the big things he was concerned about was the high incidence players getting injured in training

Just think how crazy this is

Fast bowlers are doing one of the hardest physical activities but getting hurt doing bad gym programs

What a waste

Surely the whole purpose of what we do should be helping support the player to be able to be able to get through the game with as little injuries as possible

Things like the heavy strength and Olympic lifting that are great for some sports are just not having the right effect for extension and rotation athletes

Put they make up a majority of the training we still see players being given

Its actually scary what we get sent

A young lad starting the 1-1 plan after seeing our case study of the lad who suffered with back issue for 3 years sent us the program he has been given, which for the last 18 months hasn’t worked

And it was shocking

The poor lad has been banging his head against a brick wall

Not only is the game hurting his back, the training is as well

He was well past the point of no return

So if you have frustrations, feel you are not getting the right support, or plan, then let us help

Hit this link now https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/bespoke-online/

Think differently


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