Let me start by saying this

Any program can go wrong

Even the best program written by the top minds can break down at the implementation stage

And here is where I see them go wrong

When the person doing them decides to go off and do extra or change it

As soon as that happens the program isn’t the one that was created for them, but some hybrid

And that hybrid usually contains a lot of exercises they just cant seem to divorce from their training

Even when it was doing these that led them to a dead end in the first place

Not improving their game

Not improving their fitness

Not improving their resistance to injury

Probably the 3 biggest reasons for taking part in a 1-1 individual program

A lot of the trouble is social media

So many sites still put up the same exercises as the gold standard for sporting performance

But we have to release what cricketers, and fast bowlers in particular, need from their training

And we need to be building movement into it at all levels

When there isn’t a ‘traditional’ lift in a stage people start to panic, think that they aren’t going to be strong enough to cope

But then once they get into it they realise a few things

It hits all aspects of their game, they don’t just get better in the gym

This is some feedback we got form one of the 1-1 guys coaches this week

It is noticeable how much more stable he appears to be at the wicket with the bat in his hand, so all the additional stability work seems to be having a positive impact all round!”


We love to hear this sort of thing

And if you want the same hit up this link https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/6-month-1-1-program/

And we would love to help you achieve your goals

Think differently


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