Another season is over

And as ever is seems to go by so damn quick

If you watched the video from Friday hopefully you have started the process of evaluating how you went this year

Did you get more wickets? Bowl quicker? Have less injuries?

Whatever it is then the question now should be simple

Where do I go next?

We had this question in from Nick along these lines


Hi guys

I finished our season last week, and after it being a frustrating one to start with due to injuries I finished strong, bowling as quick as I ever have thanks to the work you guys have helped me with

Now I’m chomping at the bit to improve even more. I’ve got the 2nd year at Uni coming up but I’m fully focused on doing what I need to do to make the push and try and break into county cricket

What would you recommend?

Cheers lads



Great question

And the key point here is that Nick has the INTENT to want to improve, even though he is at Uni

So many times players talk themselves out of getting better with excuses

Not enough time to train

I cant do it without a team around me

I don’t know what to do etc

All are things which are just getting in the way, and stopping you becoming all you can be

Now there is a way for Nick, and anyone with the same desire to get the results they want

And guys like this are the reason we put together our new 6 month 1-1 elite plan

It is our interactive and most personalised program yet

This will be the closest you can get to training like a pro without having to go anywhere

Whether you be at Uni, have a job, or even playing abroad, through the new app we have teamed up with we bring you a full 6 month plan straight to your phone

Every set, rep, exercise and session laid out in palm of your hand, moulded to your specifications and time requirements

If you have the mentality and desire, there really is nothing quite like it

And it will be out this Friday (for 10 people only)

There will be more details this week, but I can wait to get started

And there will be a very special incentive for the guys that do it to absolutely smash it

All will be revealed…

Think differently


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