Have you heard the old take of when best to plant a tree?

There are 2 answers

The first is 20 years ago

If youd planted a tree 20 years ago then youd be reaping the rewards of it now

Whether it be growing fruit, providing shade in the summer or simply to help the environment it would be well on its way to growing as big as it could

The other time to plant is right now

Why wait any longer?

And my friend it is exactly the same when it comes to your game

The best time to have made the start on improving your game and athleticism would have been years ago

But things get in the way

That doesn’t mean you should keep putting it off

There is still time before this season to make massive improvements

Bowling, batting, keeping, we will help with it all

Get your body in the right condition, add specific strength and power and put you into the best position you have ever been in

Take a look here now https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/bespoke-online/

There isn’t a program in the country that tailors exactly for your needs from start to finish

This is no cookie cutter approach

Grab the bull by the horns and get going

Youll never look back

And that tree you plant will blossom into an amazing season

Just follow the program and get the work done

Think differently


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