Fast bowling is a motor skill.

You must recruit a lot of muscle fibers, make them fire at a fast rate, and make them work together.

Then all the muscles involved must continue to work in a coordinated matter.

Frequency, not quantity, is the most important factor in motor learning.

By bowling frequently you’ll optimize technique and coordination (intramuscular and intermuscular).

Bowling is a high neural stressor + careful monitoring and planning is needed to maintain the frequency.

Your CNS can only tolerate 1-2 sessions per week above 90%. T

his is why you must autoregulate your bowling velocities and have a key purpose with key drop off % in mind before every session.

Anatoliy Bondarchuk’s believes the brain has no reason to remember any skill thats under 80% intensity.

It is a totally different neural recruitment pattern.

This is why bowling walk throughs simply dont transfer or any bowling “drill” that involves bodyweight only in a monotonous repetitive manner.

They simply make you a master of that drill.

Motor learning craves overload and novelty.

This is why my skill STABILITY PARADIGM works as its an S+C focused system that allows your subconscious mind to be your coach.

“Repetition without repetition”- Bernsteins theory of motor learning.

Doing the same exercise pattern but always slightly different.

Fixing the attractors and reducing muscle slack around the key nodes of fast bowling via the 7 ways of change.

You simply lock the positions and perform the drill with one conscious cue- MAXIMUM INTENT.

Whether contracting the key muscle groups, pushing against pins, throwing medicine balls or weighted balls.

With time and respecting the stages of learning and myelination the stabilised pattern and motor engram will transfer to bowling in the 80% zone.

This is the sweet zone for grooving and transfer. Stay patient and respect the process


Respect the stages of learning

💥Unconscious incompetence

💥Conscious incompetence

💥Conscious competence

💥Unconscious competence

And by bowling in the 80-85% zone often, you’ll become more efficient at recruiting the high threshold motor units as well as making them fire fast (producing more force)

Assess don’t guess


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