Questions are coming in thick and fast at the moment


They always seem to at this time of year


Which is great as it means you’re taking your winter prep seriously


And that equates to a better season for you next year


This weeks questions is from Graeme


Here is what he asked




Hi guys


Trying to sort my winter program, from the 3 programs you have put in the Inner Circle I have gone with the one that suits me the best


The question I have is that when should I start running?


I always feel better with running in my program, even if its just from a psychological point


And my pace definitely needs work








Great questions


And it will depend on a couple factors


The first would be how heavy your workload has been during the season


If it has been pretty heavy then id look to have a bit longer away from pounding the pavement


Whilst running is still a bit easier on the body than bowing (about 4 times your bodyweight rather than 8 in fast bowlers) its still pretty heavy going on top of a big season


And you have to take into account if you have any pelvic issues


If it is out of whack then running on it will only compound the problem, and make it worse


Now for the sprinting aspect to help technique then we want to start with drills in the gym, things like hip lock, isometric pushes and hip drives


Super setting with some actual sprint work will help solidify what you do in the gym


And starting on an easier surface, like grass or the aerofloor will also help


So make sure your pelvis and movement in general is good, you are feeling fresh, then choose the best surface to start on


And if you need programs then the Inner Circle is full of them


As well as the 3 winter programs that Graeme spoke of


Get yours here


Think differently





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