Doing the same mundane non stimulating drills without progression will never turn on the ‘ON’ button.

The RAS!

This is why a lot of fast bowlers fall out of favour with technical work.

The drill isn’t the issue, it’s the lack of understanding from the coach on how the brain works and whats needed to encourage adaptation and progression.

Endless, mind numbing static technical drills dont work!

To stay on the same snow track, create a new track or stop creating different ones technical work needs careful respect. In particular to motor learning and stages of learning.

My work is based on the DYNAMIC SYSTEMS THEORY

I believe in combining an S+C mindset and training techniques for technical work.


There shouldn’t be a distinct split between technical work, specific strength or general strength training. We are a complex system.

Nothing works in isolation.

Movement must have degrees of freedom to promote learning and progression. In other words, there must be some level of chaos, or room for the CNS to self-organize movement, to reach a goal.

When exercises offer no degrees of freedom (such as a heavy barbell lunge), the athlete’s CNS is in a “straightjacket,” and no motor learning is possible. -F Bosch

There are 4 ways to add VARIABILITY into your fast bowling coaching.

A. Complex training

Whether French contrast or 1080motion sprint. Contrast between an overloaded or underloaded skill working the force velocity curve

B. Same but different

OU weighted ball bowling, skill stability paradigm. EXOGEN SUIT Bowling. SPECIFIC DEVELOPMENT EXERCISES (SDE)

C. Fatigue induced learning

Oxidative bowling. Large repetition of skill in a fatigue state will activate HTMU. Also getting the bowler accustomed to bowling when fatigue.

D. Chaos/ Randomness

Using ultimate instability and bowling on multisurfaces like Aerofloor. Adding perturbations will cause the body to self organise and adapt to various situations.

Therefore increasing motor learning

These are the rules I follow when designing and implementing a fast bowling training programme

Assess don’t guess


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