Doing our online 1-1 programs always shows up quite a lot of things to us

One of the big things we see is the level of dysfunction a hell of a lot of players have

It is really quite scary how quickly basic movement patterns go and the things we all used to be able to do as a toddler we suddenly cant anymore

And im not talking about 40 year olds

This is 11, 12, 13 year olds

Hip hinge and squat patterns are all over the shop

And forget about trying to touch toes!

It makes the insanity of loading these faulty patterns even more bizarre

The first stage of what we do is trying to get stuck into these patterns and get them up and running again

The funny thing is a lot of people hate this bit

Because they aren’t underneath a barbell they thing that nothing is happening, and get frustrated

But most have been down the strength only route

Get injured

Bowling suffers

And up coming to us

So our message is always the same

Just get on with it and get it done

The guys who you have seen in the testimonials are ones who do it religiously

And here is a key point they also do


Read that again big fella, its so crucial

Once you have helped correct something you don’t just stop

You keep on

The key part is that you don’t have to put the level of work in that you did before, but just need to keep it ticking over

So often players get where they want with their body or action and the old habits slip back in

Old training program that didn’t work first time, old warm ups, old mindset

Leave that all behind and keep pushing forward

For more info just click here

Think differently


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