You probably know that we do FMS (functional movement testing) with our players


Its one of the tools we use to assess where they are physically


We feel its important to test the fundamentals as well as capacity


For so long most of the importance has been put on capacity testing


So things such as YOYO or bleep, sprints, jumps, skinfolds ect have been the things that players and coaches have at the forefront of their mind


And of course they provide some great data, and can help steer us into the direction we need to go with players


But for me you can get outstanding value from using a movement test such as the FMS


It informs you exactly where the player may be struggling


And when you have a backroom team who work closely together, can really help coaches with knowing if the player is actually physically capable of doing the things that they want them to do


There cant be much more soul destroying, for the player and the coach, then them trying to work on a change to their action but them just not being able to get it


Frustration is huge, when it could be put to bed pretty quick


Now the real value of the FMS for us is that you just don’t get a score


It’s the easiest thing in the world to give someone a score for their movement screening


But it can be just an arbitrary figure


Unless you have something behind it


Which is the gold in the FMS


The software they have to input the score, and have it spit out an individualised program is fantastic


Just doing any testing, but not having the knowledge or help to fix it is pointless


And that’s where S&C really needs to improve


At the moment a corrective for a squat seems to just be a different squat


We’ve got to be smarter than that


IF you want your movement analysed then we have the FMS as the first stage of our online 1 to 1 programs


Then a strength phase and bowling specific


If that’s what you need sign up here


Think differently





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