Had a great question come in last week from Jay


He has finished his season, done well and wants to kick on next year


Hopefully like you as well big fella


This is what he asked




Hi Dewsy


Ive been following you guys for a while and putting into place some of the tips from your emails


This season went really well for me but I still feel I could get better, im only 21 and last winter was the first time I’ve done any real training


Looking at what you guys offer I don’t know what to do or what I need, could you help out








Well done on your season mate, and top question


If you want to work with us over the winter there are 3 ways



1- The Inner Circle


Our monthly membership site, with private facebook group, which has all our programs, webinars, videos and access to us in it. Its only £10 and the community within it is pricless for support. This month a whole load of new programs will be uploaded for this winter


Click here to join https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/


2- Bespoke online 1-1


This is taking it up a notch and giving you a completely personalised program based solely on you, your movement and bowling needs. It’s a 12 week plan starting with an online FMS screening, then strength phase, then specific bowling phase


Here is the link for that https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/bespoke-online/


3- Pacelab Academy


Steff’s live pace academy where you go every 3 weeks for sessions with Steff and work on the programs we gives you. It’s the first of its kind and ground breaking for fast bowlers


Your link for this http://www.pacelab.co.uk/



Hope this helps out


All options will be a massive help


Its what we are here for


Think differently



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