A few years ago we were heading into a new season with one of my clubs


We’d completed the winter, and it was pretty long and tough


There was a player who had been suffering with quite a few injuries, which was a shame because he was a gun


Could bowl quick, smash it out the park and fielded like a demon


A proper 3 dimensional cricketer


Would absolutely clean up on the T20 circuit these days


We targeted the winter to really make a difference with him


He was one of those annoying naturally gifted blokes, and his general fitness was good, but wasnt specific enough, which is why he picked up the injuries


We got stuck into him and he worked his nuts off


Got his skinfolds down, his 20m pace up and his endurance


You could visibly see the change in him, and how good he felt about it all, the way he carried himself


The lad was primed


He smashed the pre season fitness test and was bowling quick


Looked like a proper athlete


But then, during the regular Dr check ups we had before the season, the local GP said to him that because he’d put on some muscle he would probably be slower in the field and bowling


He came to see me just after and his bottom lip was on the floor


He was heartbroken


Thought he had busted his ball all winter and his performance wouldn’t improve


The Dr’s ill advised words had really got to him


So I sat him down and went through everything


Pointed to him that his 20m time was quicker


His bleep test had improved


Resting heart rate was down


And he had had the batters hoping around al pre season


Asked him to think about the difference in physicality between a 100m sprinter and a marathon runner. There aren’t many sprinters who are skinny!


He felt better after that and went on to have a great season


And later on helped his team win a couple of T20 tournaments


But its amazing what that one sentence could’ve done to him


Which is why when it comes to talking about training the right words and explanations are vital


No one wants to put in a lot of work for no return


And in the same way asking questions of the program is crucial for the player


If it doesn’t feel right don’t just accept it


Its your body and your game


Think differently




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