What should training in season look like?

Had a question in last week from on of our Inner Circle guys

And now the season is here it’s a pretty apt one

Here is what he asked


Hi Ross,

Keep getting asked and rather than giving players I coach incorrect information and causing them more harm, I thought I would ask the expert!

What would the gym workout for a healthy/injury free fast bowler look like during the season?

How about spinners and batsmen?

The players I coach net on Wednesday and play club cricket on Saturday.

Should they be doing strength, power, agility, speed work or all of them and when during the week?

I look forward to hearing from you.




Lets dive right in

For those just playing on a weekend this is what I would do

–> Keep trying to improve your physical abilities <–

There is no excuse to not really

For the guys in the inner circle we put a whole plan in place based around the programs which they have

So in a week they will be getting at least 2 strength sessions (which are aimed at their bowling style, hip or knee dom), 5 x correctives sessions, and 2 x bowling sessions

As well as activation and recovery

The trick is to use the activation sessions to kill 2 birds with 1 stone

They can almost be a mini session in themselves with the mediball and weighted balls, activation and power

Then dependant on workload add some specific sprint sessions in too

For batters you may want to do some more aerobic work, and some specific batting power/trunk drills

And spinner its vital to keep on top of the upper quadrant, so thoracic, scapula and shoulder

Look after that and youll be flying

Keep getting better


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