With the summer holidays just around the corner already there will be a lot of time off for the kids

But what best to do with it?

That’s a question that was put to us last week

Let’s have a look at it


Hi Guys

I’ve got 2 lads who are playing age group cricket for our county

My question is that with the summer holidays coming up, what should we do with them to help maximise their athletic potential?

With the amount of injuries to young bowlers we want to try and help as much as possible stay away from them

Many thanks



Fantastic question

And my advice for parents is this

Remember what you used to (hopefully) do as a kid

Get out the house

Ride bikes, play sports, go fishing

Climb rocks, go swimming and all that sort of thing

The exact type of things that have slowly been eradicated from kids life’s

Obviously the world has changed crazy amounts in the last 10-20 years, and safety is massively more prevalent now

But in the safest way possible get them moving and doing things which help challenge and improve their bodies function

As you can bet your bottom dollar that having them sat down watching tv and playing on games consoles wont be helping their game one bit

There will probably be cricket camps running close by which are great to get involved in as well

But hit up other sports as well

Athletics, football, rugby, basketball

It will all play a great role in helping develop them

Hope this help


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