Now I am gonna let you into an email I received Saturday that was seriously impressive

It was from one of my Online 1-1 clients

Now it’s the depth of thinking and planning which is so fantastic

He is taking all he is learning and driving himself

He has stuck to the plan, can see it working and wants more, but also wants to think for himself and understand the process

Which is what we strive for

Lets have a read


Hi Ross

Hope the week is treating you well

Just wanted to give you a quick update on my situation over Christmas period and get some advice from you on how to work around it (or how previous 6 month planners had gone about it).

Basically I just found Im away for 2 weeks over Xmas, and I’m already away in Singapore from 6th-10th with work (which you kindly blanked out for me – originally planned to use that week for FMS and dysfunction protocols).

So out of the blue I’ve now got 3 weeks without a gym! 

Now instead of worrying too much about screwing up all my off season progress I was thinking of what I can do with no equipment to keep things ticking over and make sure this hard work so far isnt wasted

So I had the following plan that I wanted to run by you and see what you think since you must have had guys not able to get proper equipment access over Christmas before

In my head I was thinking that could ‘pause’ the stage 3 of the program for 3 weeks  and I just take my tennis ball, overweight ball, cricket ball and resistance bands with me in my luggage and do as much as I can with that stuff and do as much running as possible as don’t need a gym to improve aerobics

-So tons of BFC and FFC drills – moving into more bowling drills where I start upping it as you say and running in harder to get used to that

-Tons of FMS and Dysfunction stuff that we did at the beginning each day

– Monday sprints, Tuesday long run, wednesday sprints, Thursday long run, Friday sprints sort of thing .

– get a couple of bodyweight strength hiit routines off the internet to smash out as don’t want to lose strength in upper body or glutes; so  integrating yoga press ups, superman’s, depth jumps and whatever else I can do without equipment.

Don’t know what you think of all that mate whether it’s a good plan?

I know it’s probably going to be a bit all over the place but better than nothing in my eyes .

Equally if instead of ‘pausing’ the stage 3 stuff, if there’s anything less equipment reliant that you can put in the app for next 3 weeks (23rdDEC-10thJAN) that would be really really helpful as well.

 But no worries if not since I can work with what I can from what I’ve learned so far to try and keep things going as listed above.

Sorry about long email mate – just wanted to see what your advice is for me to keep momentum going

Hope you can help

And trust me I’ll be desperate to get back in a gym and a safe routine after these 3 weeks!

Side note – this morning bowling still feels weird but the brace is sticking in place which is great

Kind regards



Seriously how impressive is that

Wanting to make the very most even when away

This is the sort of player who is going to get every last drop from his talent, and I love working with players like this

Ive added a bodyweight circuit onto the app which he can get done anywhere and hit all the vital areas

If you have this sort of drive then the 1-1 plan could be just for you

Hit this link

Lets get after it


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