One of the areas people are always a bit unsure of is the type of running that cricketers, and fast bowlers in particular, should be doing

And there are so many variations you can almost drown in different info

We had this question sent to us in the inner circle last week


Hi Dewsy

I’ve got a lad coming back from an ankle injury and he is pretty much ready to load up with some running and bowling

But I’m not 100% sure on what this should look like

I’ve got the template you left for the back to bowling but how much running should they be doing at this stage, and then also when they are back fully fit?




Great question

The back to running is pretty simple

There is a framework we have shared in the inner circle with how to start and progress

So things like standing 123, A skips, b skips, bounds etc getting into acceleration and deceleration

We show how over a few weeks how to get this going hand in hand with back to bowling work until they are back to pretty much full fitness

Then once back there is a file with 6 different running sessions to cater for each type of aerobic response they might be looking for

Whether it be aerobic, speed endurance or speed there is something for everyone

Then you judge how to use them with some aerobic tests. So if youre down in your yoyo test or 2k then it would be wise to go for a couple pure aerobics a week

Its always good to keep the aerobic capacity up, as so much of what you do when fielding is in the low aerobic band, with a small % of time actually high-level sprinting

Assess what you need and program accordingly

And everything you need is in the Inner Circle, with the rest of the programs

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