Another belter of a question that came flying in this week

And its about how to fit all the training into a day plan

Whether it be normal training or rehab

Lets see what we got asked


Hi Guys

Its coming up to season time over here in Australia

Ive been following the programs form the Inner Circle but ive got a question about how you fit them all into the day, and to be honest when to do each part

Ive ony got so much time during the day as I work so really want to be getting the best out of each sessions and don’t want to be compromising any of them

Thanks guys and love the content, literally cant get this stuff anywhere else




Right lets jump in

The order of doing them basically comes back to understanding the needs of each session, and have the body can best not only cope but positively effect each one

So say they have a skill session, so maybe doing their back to bowling drills trying to implement some change, then a weights session and a running sessions

Here is what I would do

The most technical work, where you might be trying to correct or improve a motor program has to be first, so it should always be the skill element, which in this case would be the bowling session

The brain needs to be pretty fresh and able to adapt to what its being asked to do without worrying about being in a fatigued state

Next would be the running

Again you don’t want to be doing this in a fatigued state, especially if again you are working to improve running or sprinting technique

Then lastly would be the weights or conditioning section

This has the least of all demands, and there are no new motor patterns trying to be created so you can go for it

Plus the previous 2 sessions want be so heavy as to really make the conditioning to tough to get the right response from

So always go




And you wont go far wrong

Think differently


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