Had a brilliant question in last week

Someone was asking about when would they hit their ceiling for pace

This is what they asked



Been reading some of your stuff in various places and have a question about when a bowler has hit his ceiling.

At what age would you say they are unable to gain anymore pace.

Say an 18 year old bowled low 70s how quick would you say they would realistically be able to bowl as a fully grown adult?

In your experience, what age is a bowler’s ceiling hit?

Is it unrealistic to assume a 70mph bowler at the age of 18 can hit 80mph?

Not much relevance to me but think it’s an interesting topic of discussion.

Thanks for your time!


Great question this

And its actually realistic

You have no idea the number of people who write in to say they bowl at 70 mph and can we turn them into 90mph bowlers

And they are over 30!

To get someone from 70 to 80mph is absolutely possible

Especially at 18

It would be ideal at 18 if they had a good athletic background, so they had been jumping, playing multiple sports, climbing etc and generally developing all athletic qualities

But most people haven’t got this behind them

So what we have to do is evaluate their athletic qualities and bowling action

See how you move, what your capacity is etc

Then from there make a plan

Correct movement faults, then build useable strength and add bowling specific fitness after that

When you get everything lined up correctly you can start to go through the gears in terms of pace

Even just tapping into the central nervous system can get you some extra MPH pretty fast

So get everything in place and you can absolutely take someone from 70-80mph

And the new 6 month online 1-1 plan which launches at the end of the month will do exactly this

Keep your eyes peeled

Think differently


p.s. here is an article we did a while back on one of the players who upped their pace https://cricketstrength.com/76mph-83mph-success-story/

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