Getting the right diagnosis for injuries is crucial

If you don’t know what it is how do you know how to put it right

Im in a lucky position to work with a great physio and Dr who diagnose and give me clear instruction as to what a player can or cant do with their injury

Most people obviously haven’t got the access to this

We have this email from Pravin about his pain


Hi Ross Im Pravin from India, Chennai.

Ive been following u on youtube and all ur articles on the mail is great.

I am a all-rounder who opens batting and bowling as well.

My batting is going really well but now im not bowling regularly for the past year.

Its been on and off of my bowling thats because when I bowl I experience pain on my left side of my low back.

I experience this pain only when I bowl.

The other times when im lifting and batting I dont at all get this pain.

Can u tell me what might be the reason for this.

I really want to be back bowling 😭.


Now when possible id always advise to get a good physio or sports dr to look at it

But if you haven’t got access then we try to help

And this pain is unfortunately pretty common, and a lot of time will be diagnosed as a stress fracture, or early stage reaction (so not a break, just a hot spot)

If you don’t have access to anything else then treat it like it is, and rehab accordingly (which the free back pain program you receive upon signing up for our emails gives you)

It can take anywhere from 3-8 months to get right and would be a case of almost after 3-4 month trying out different movement like going into extension and see if the pain has gone

Be symptom led, and once it has gone start to build running and back jumping and bowling drills into it as well

And as always if you need more help come over to the inner circle where we keep all our programs

Hit this link

Think differently


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