If you’re in pro sport still chasing barbell numbers, you’re not getting better at your skill/ sport (fast bowling).

That’s not your job! If you’re an S+C in the pro sport game and judging your effectiveness on barbell numbers you’re missing the point.


Yes strength is the foundation and forms the base but there is a point of diminishing return. In cricket the ball weighs 156g and ground contact time is between 0.10-0.20 secs.


While Strength is an important foundation for avoiding injuries, it is beneficial only up to a point for enhancing explosiveness. If you’re doing strength training for the first time, your enhanced strength will undoubtedly make you a better athlete. But over the years, if you concentrate only on strength, this can eventually become a detriment, not an aid , to performance

– M Yessis


Spending time getting stronger takes time away from improving at your sport.

_ “Gaining strength will also simultaneously decrease speed. In essence the nervous system and the body learns slowness

-M Yessis

Fast bowling is not about grinding! It’s about coordination, speed and reactivity.

It’s not true that the stronger you are the better you’ll be. In fact, research shows that; “Maximum weight levels may also make an athlete injury prone. Constantly trying to lift maximum barbell numbers place a continuous and severe strain on ligaments, tendons and muscle tissue. Over time the tissue simply cannot tolerate extreme levels of weight

Add the strain and the force imparted on fast bowling during the skill itself, there’s only so much the system can take.

Let’s move on from trying to be the strongest to survive.

It really isn’t about gym numbers and what you can squat

Asses don’t guess


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