No big fella I’ve not lost the plot

Despite being on a juice cleanse (more on that in tomorrows Cricket Strength TV episode)

It’s a story I heard the other day

Being a bit of a geek when im in the car I like to make the most of my time and stick an audiobook or podcast on

Learning on the go, getting bang for you buck, always something I enjoy

I was listening to a guy called Jim Rohn, I’ve mentioned him before

He was a guy from America who was a self help guy, talking about business and making your life how you want it, the way he speaks just resounds with me massively

He was talking about goal setting and the importance he places on it

The goals he set himself he usually reached and died a very wealthy man

But this time he got into talking about the astronauts on the US space program back in the 60’s and 70’s

How these guys got back from adventures into space and sometimes to the moon then would fall on hard times and go off the rails a bit later on

And the thoughts were after they had been to the moon what else could they do?

They had done what a lot of people would say is the ultimate goal

So they had to bring in a program to help them

Set them goals for when they were home to try and help them still live an active and happy life

Now obviously going to the moon is something a very small amount of the population will ever do

But have you set your goals for this season?

If not why not?

There is still a decent amount of time until the season gets going

Enough for you to get on the Online 1 to 1 plan and get yourself bowling quicker, being stronger and more resilient to injury

We are here to guide you through it all

Have a look here

Don’t be left wondering what if…

Think differently


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