It was a big weekend of boxing just gone


And I’m a big fan of it


Even got myself up at 430 Sunday morning to watch the Wilder Fury fight (my thoughts are that AJ would beat them both and so a re match keeps them both unbeaten for a bit longer)


Also watched the Rocky follow up Creed again, which is a belting film


Those in my generation first probably got introduced to training by watching the rocky montage


Even now if eye of the tiger comes on it gives you that boost of energy need during a tough gym session


But something struck me about the boxing gyms you see


We’ve all seen them before


Big rooms, 1 or 2 boxing rings and lots of heavy bags, some speed bags, skipping stations etc


And then a bit of a weights area in the corner


Whats different about that youre probably asking big fella


Well think how different that is to a lot of gyms in cricket


There the weights and strength equipment are the key thing


Cages, bars, machines, lifting platforms everywhere


They are what S&Cs tend to go to when its winter season and time to build the fast bowler


Weights for 5 months and hope it transfers


(we talk about this with Steff in our latest webinar over on the Inner Circle HERE)


But boxing doesn’t do that


They realise how important the craft of actually fighting is


Any fool can get strong


But it’s the athletes talent and skills that set them apart


So they integrate that into their training, from virtually the first week


And it makes so much sense


The conditioning coach should be there to help enhance the player


And does doing just gym based work for months on end do this?


Highly doubtful


If it did then there would be loads of 90+ mph bowlers floating around


Instead of queing up for a scan


Its time we started to actually support the bowler and what they need to do


We are they to help them play more and better


Not just lift weights


Think differently




p.s. as well as the latest webinar with Steff we have all the others in the Inner Circle, as well as winter programs, shoulder programs and ACL to name but a few, join us here












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