How do you know that you are improving?

This can be a pretty uncomfortable conversation

Because when you start getting into accountability people start to shy away

It can show you exactly where you are lacking

So it is a lot easier just to keep going, not measure anything, and have a little guess that things are going well and you are making progress

But if you really want to get things moving then you need to track and measure

Whatever it might be

Is it your bowling?

If it is then a measure might be whether your average or strike rate has improved, or if you have more wickets already this year (although there are obviously other things that could come into the equations, dropped catches, poor umpiring, rain etc)

More specific could be bowling speed

If you had it measure last year has it improved this year?

If it hasn’t then why not. Did you track the training you did?

How about your body

Are you trying to shift some timber? The easy thing to test here is simply weight, is it coming down. Are clothes fitting easier, less aches and pains everywhere?

What about recovery

How do you know you are ready for a training sessions

Again if you havtn got access to any equipment then test your resting heart rate

If you are seeing raises then you need to listen to it

Ive got a tracking device called whoop that takes care of a lot of the metrics for me.

How much sleep, the quality of it, my recovery rate

I can use it to track how my body reacts to different training and then if im actually ready to train

I couldn’t recommend more making sure what ever you are doing that you plan and track all the way

Success leaves clues, and so does failure

Listen to them both and move forward

Think differently


p.s. if you need more accountability then hit up this link to our online 1-1 program and start moving forward rapidly

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