Had a message from one of the inner circle guys a few weeks ago

And it shone a light on a fact that its easy to over look

That you might not actually be sure what you should be doing

What program you should be following for your body and bowling type

Here is what he asked


Hi mate.

Quick advice please.

I’m thinking I’m knee dom?

This is first net last week but not 100% pace.

Can you compare my action with the one up above from side on last year?

I’m working on leg jumps to get my back leg stiffer and I’m also trying not to ground my heel

There are still issues I’m not happy with and I’m hoping to get them ironed out this season….Hips not driving etc.



Now we have loads of programs in the Inner circle, so I asked him

“ What program are u following at moment “

Here is what he said


To be honest I’ve been building my whole strength platform by doing squats/overhead press/deadlift/bench.

I’ve also been doing hip mobility with step-ups, hip turns, reach and holds etc.

I’m really wanting to tune into a specific set of drills now that suits my type


Now I realised form this that I hadn’t made it 100% clear to everyone which program is best for them

So we took it on board and made a video for the guys on how to find out if they are knee or hip dominant at back foot contact, as this would drive a lot of the S&C that they would follow

Then we showed how to find out if your body type is static or spring, and again showed them which program would suit them

This is on top of the numerous movement programs that we have on there cantering for everyone

As soon as he got on the right one for him he felt the magic

And its all there for you too

Training certainly isn’t scary

Its just letting us help you find the right fit for you

And Steff’s hip and knee dom work has been massive

If you need help just shout

The 2 ways you can work with us are

1: Our Inner Circle has all our programs and a community of players & coaches

to help drive your game, as well as our exclusive interviews with top international

and county players and regular Monday content


2: The Online 1 to 1 program, taking you through the whole process of helping

you gain pace, from initial movement focus, to strengthening and then the specific

bowling power, click here https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/bespoke-online/

Think differently


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