We get a lot of questions in every week

A lot are pretty straight forward as they are things we deal with every day

But some make you think a little more

Especially when it comes to working with youngsters

We had this one in last week, have a read


Hi Ross

Would it be possible to speak to you to understand the online programme?

 I have two children, a boy of 10 and a girl of 8 who are both just starting in a county set up. 

One of the key development points is the braced front leg and pre -turn (my son especially swings his back leg around).

I am looking at drills and exercises that could help and wonder if we could discuss what programme best suits?




This is a fantastic question

And here is what I would do given their ages

I wouldn’t dive into their action at all to begin, but look to work on their basic movement patterns

From the screenings we do we see that youngsters start to lose movement competency as early as 4 or 5 years old

How we move drives how we then perform a skill like bowling, so we don’t want to go ahead and try and intervene on such a specific skill as bowling before knowing what is going on in the body

We have seen bowlers who thought they were knee dom actually really be hip dom as soon as movement was cleaned up

So if we had just gone on their initial bowling footage we could’ve caused a lot of issues

And with kids there is a lot of development to come

So hitting movement patterns, playing lots of different games, doing lots of jumping, turning, landing, rolling, skipping etc and keeping everything fun would be the best start for me

Then the next stage would be adding some specific mediball work with a light ball which can help the action, all of what we have given as programs on the inner circle

Once you think that the body is good you can deep dive on the action, and we are there to help with that

All our programs are on the inner circle, which you can look at here https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/

Think differently


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