If you’re anything like me then you’re still probably blown away by that World Cup Final

2 great teams going at it hard

And with a lot of respect

You have got to feel for New Zealand

I’ve been in cricket 20 years now and as well as being a great side, you struggle to meet a bad bloke amongst them

Every one I’ve had contact with has been fantastic to work with and amazing attitudes

But being English I couldn’t be more proud of what England achieved

It really was awesome

Hell I can remember taking a portable transistor radio to school in 1992 to listen to the last final we got to, and was heartbroken when we lost

So to see how they have come from being pretty shambolic at the last world cup to going into this one as favourites, and winning it, is pretty special for them

Something that really stuck out to me during the final was the high level of skill in the pressure moments

The 2 run outs that NZ made at the end of Englands innings were superb, there was no margin for error

And the same for that last ball in the super over

When you think of what could easily go wrong from a slight bobble before Roy picking it up, to getting the throw just right, Jos’s positioning and then keeping calm, taking the ball and knocking the stumps down

That is why they practice so hard

The amount of times they would’ve done something similar in training would be crazy

They probably got sick of it

But then the muscle memory is there to be able to make it happen under the biggest of pressures..

To win the World Cup

All the practice, training, hard times all fade away then, and they are all worth it

You say well done to the backroom staffs of both the English and Kiwis, kept pretty much the same team on the park throughout the tournament giving them all the best chance to win

And seeing everyone celebrate with their families and friends at the end, you can only imagine how that must feel

Hopefully it inspires a lot of people to get into cricket again, and put the work in to get as far, and have as much fun, as they possibly can

Well done England


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