Another great question in this week

This time its from Dave who wants to know more about the mobility work

Here is what he asked us


Hey Ross

I’ve got a quick question regarding mobility – I have limited time during the week and want to make sure I use my time correctly.

I’m an opening bowler and I want to add 5mph over the winter months

 I know it’s important to have mobility as I follow all your posts, which by the way have helped a number of my team mates, my question is this is can improving mobility add pace?




Fantastic question

Unlike our politicians I can answer that with one word! YES.

What we have to remember is that improved mobility means better joint alignment, better posture, better function and therefore the opportunity for Technical work to stick.

We all know as Steff says you cannot outrun a poor technique – therefore it’s not about fitting in some extra Mobility training it’s about making it a priority.

And another key thing is that it shouldn’t take up a lot of time

If you keep needing to add extra tine it could be a clue that youre not quite getting it right

We need also to remember its not just mobility we need, but stability, strength and power too

We miss any one out and it ca be pretty disastrous

In our online 1-1 plan we focus on getting movement right, which is mobility, stability and motor control, then add strength and power

The result is an action which has a lot less energy leaks and improved pace

Mobility is a big theme for us over the coming weeks – we will be covering the biggest bang for your buck mobilisations so stay tuned and unlock your Pace potential.

Think Differently


p.s. for out online 1-1 plan hit this link

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