Slightly different question to the normal ones we have this week

But it brings about an important point

Especially with regard to young players

This is what we got asked


Good afternoon,

I’ve just seen you details and website online.

I had a question regarding my 11 year old – he has been training properly for a couple of years and is within a club but he’s been training on a more technical level since last September.

He recently had his summer camp which we had to shorten because he wasn’t correcting his front foot contact.

His left foot should be facing the front and instead goes to the right side as he lands to complete the delivery. His coach said that he isn’t improving or learning as quickly as the other kids (he does have learning difficulties), although saying that he plays well and gets wickets.

Would you suggest anything that could help with this?

I look forward hearing from you.

Kind regards



The first thing we have to protect here is the young lad and his enjoyment of the game, its crucial we keep this

We want kids playing, enjoying and doing well, and with him playing well and getting wickets this is a great place to start

One of the big things cricket probably has to learn quicker is that technical coaches and sport science and medicine guys need to work closer together

They cant be this big gap between the 2

Or this sort of stuff starts to happen

When a coach cant change technique they need to look around the issue to find out why

It might be something very simple like a poor movement pattern, that no matter how much the coach will try to change it, they aren’t accessing the right hardware to do it

A lot of youngsters have faulty movements, and if we get them back to doing simple athletics moves like forward rolls, jumps, landings, climbing etc we can start to see these things come back

Help re tune how the body moves, and in turn make it more malleable to help correct any technical intervention that might be needed

And always be sure the intervention is definitely needed!

For any more help come into our Global Cricket Comminuty in the Inner Circle

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