Transferring force from Impulse stride (plant) into BFC is a key determinant of bowling quickly.

Having the ability to utilise horizontal force into vertical force increases the height of COM which correlates with ball velocity.

More momentum you maintain from Impulse stride to BFC with an increase in the height of COM leading to more gravitational momentum into block the greater the probability of higher ball velocity.

This does require specific training as it increases the dynamic complexity of the sequence. Needs more strength!

This is why strength is important.

It provides the platform and foundation for force management and not an end itself.

It’s not about how strong you are in strength lifts or the force you put into the floor vertically and statically bit how you are able to tolerate multiple forces in different directions.

Add these exercises which sit in the skill stability ISO SWITCH tier into your programme.

Watch here

Focus on HIP LOCK and PLANT FROM ABOVE- Stiffness (springs not pistons)


Key part of the exercise.

 Take the slack out of the system.

Remember every session needs to have general exercises, like pro inertial squat or lunge, rotational work and posterior chain exercises but also specific exercises.

Remember, It’s not about how much force you can direct vertically into the ground it’s about how quickly and the direction of travel.

Fast bowling involves a multiple directional approach but mainly anterior and posterior force transfer.

Pacelab recent data analysis has shown that ,

A. You don’t need to strength train to increase the force you put into the ground based on force decks. Jumping and sprinting alone increases force production

B. Increase vertical force doesn’t increase ball velocity. But it does give you more potential to tolerate multiple angle force management.

Fast bowling is not easy.

Coaching it and having a positive impact is also not easy but the search for the ultimate programme based on sports science continues!

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