Our first round of 1-1 VIP players are well into their training

And they are doing amazingly well so far

They are certainly getting some odd looks whilst they are doing their program in the gym, it certainly doesn’t look like your normal gym routine that is for sure!

One of our guys, George, is into his first round of specific strength work to help his action

We don’t go down the traditional route of periodisation but get to work in phase 2 to help make you action as good as it can be

Big George is a hip dom bowler and had this question about one of the drills we have him doing


When doing the impulse bowl what should I be trying to focus on?

Should I should be actively trying to achieve the outcome I want when bowling, or will the drill be naturally improving that with the depth?




Great question

And what I’ve been blown away with is the way they have asked questions

Lots of questions

Which is great because they wouldn’t have seen a lot of the drills before (hell I still ask Steff questions all the time and pick his brains)

And the beauty of the 1-1 is that we are always here for them for what they need

No for the question

When we are using the conditioning drills to help (and in some terms hack) the action then we need to be clear about how we do them

Basically we want them to match what we are trying to get to in the action

So if it’s a hip dom bowler like George we are looking to get him stiffer and taller on his back foot, so when he does mediball or conditioning drills he needs to be doing this

And not on the odd one


Don’t get lazy, drill drill drill

Youll be surprised at how quickly the body can change

And before you know it, it’s in the action too

And if you are curious as to the plan there are on have a look at the link https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/6-month-1-1-program/

Think differently


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