A lot of you probably think that we just talk about fast bowlers, how to train them and get them fit and ready for game day


And whilst it is fast bowlers who we specialise in, our strength training for young cricketers seminar is about how to train EVERY young cricketer


Because they all need to understand how to gain strength, stability, mobility, speed, power and endurance, and also make it all applicable to the actual game (never forget that part my pedigree chum)


You see the way you initial train a fast bowler, leg spinner and opening batsmen would pretty much be the same. If they all came to you with no training history at all then there are fundamentals that need addressing first up, and this would be phase 1 of the training program in our SEMINAR & PROGRAM


To be honest has the batsmen progresses you can have a lot more fun with their program than the fast bowlers. You are not limited by their technique as much


As a batsmen you can get yourself BIG!! Become an intimidation to the bowlers running in at you. Think of Matty Hayden, he literally imposed himself on bowlers, and fielders


Unfortunately batsmen are a lot lazier than bowlers. They have to be pushed to get in the gym, struggle to see the point and benefits. Funnily enough tho they spend as much, if not more, time on the physio bed. Ive seen as more chronic back problems in batter in my 15 years than bowlers. 


Spending hours hunched over with poo posture when in bat and slip, and then not doing the work to help that back = a lot of pain and discomfort!


Make no mistake there is lots batters can do. Take medicine ball training, there is a great carry over here for increasing the distance you can hit the ball. Getting the sequencing right from hips-trunk-arm can help you clear the ropes a lot easier, and adding a rotational mediball throw in the same sequence can help this massively. 


Add strength, power & speed on top and your game can easily go to the next level


If you are a coach and want to learn more about this then come along to our seminar on Nov 1st at Edgbaston, we still have 10 places available so act fast


Click —–>>>HERE<<<— for more details


We hope to see you there


Think differently






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