Had a question about insoles in last night

Did you guess??

It was from our man Simon, and this is what he asked


Evening Ross,

I’m a bowler who’s had multiple stress fractures and currently coming back from pars defect.

Would you suggest wearing insoles when bowling and if so, which ones?

Thank you in advance.

Any top tips other than your emails for rehab and maintaining, would be appreciated.

Kind regards,



Ok, before we get into the insoles so to speak, we have to address the massive elephant in the room

Multiple stress fractures

Huge alarm bells going off here straight away

Now I can imagine that Simon is frustrated as hell about this

Having one is bad enough but multiple is crazy

It probably seems he gets back for a couple weeks or month and then goes again

What it is telling us is that something bad is happening within his movement and action and his body is not being able to cope at all

We need to find the driver of this before we even worry about insoles

You see for me insoles can play a role in supporting some things but we cant use them as a band aid to try and cover things up

The first thing I would do is have a movement assessment so see if you can pick up any dysfunction patters, like we do in the first phase of the online 1 to 1 program

Id do this before looking at any bowling action footage, as we have seen we can make positive changes to the action just by cleaning up movement

Once we have got to a good place in movement then we can look at the action, what key points we can work on to make it more effective and safer

When all this is done we can look at extra things such as insoles, at the club Benny, our head of science and medicine sends some guys to get personalised ones when he thinks it will help, so I would suggest if you do go down that route then personalised ones a far better option than off the peg

So its time to take a synergistic look at the whole action and movement, get things right and hopefully stay away from the stress fractures

Think differently


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