I had a massive honour last week


I’d been asked a year ago one of my best mates, Gaz Andrew, to be best man


Having never done it before there was a certain amount of trepidation


The best mans speech can literally make or break a wedding


And what I didn’t want was for it to be remembered for it ruining the day


I knew that Gaz’s wife to be would kill me


So I knew I had roughly a year to try and get it sorted


I thought I could just do a bit at a time and keep adding to it


15 minutes was the maximum time limit so it didn’t have to be crazy long


As always though I waited till 2 weeks before it to get it written down


Having known Gaz since our early days at Somerset back in 2000 then there were plenty of stories I could put in but I had to make the tone right


When id done the first draft I did the best thing I could’ve


Practiced it in front of a couple of the lads


This was key


It allowed be to change it up and edit it


Then a week later I did it again, and went well so I knew I was on the right track


Then I rehearsed it to myself so much that I could do it without the cue cards


So when I got to the day it went like an absolute dream, couldn’t have gone any better, and didn’t manage to offend anyone


But the key thing again- practice


Just like in learning a skill or training


Get your hands dirty


Understand what you need to do, make sure you are comfortable and have covered all bases before you start so if anything happens to put you off you can recover


This off season hopefully you know exactly what you are doing to improve


And if you need a hand the Inner Circle can guide you in the right direction


Have a look here http://cricketstrength.com/cricket-strength-inner-circle-membership/


It’s a lot less scary than doing the Best Mans speech!


Think differently





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